Neural Density (ND) Filter has low surface reflectance, and merely generates flare or ghoasting in the photographed images caused by reflected light from the filter. 

Transmittance spectrum is so flat in the range of visible light and in the optical density (OD) range from 0.1-3.0 that highly princise transmittance charactaristic can be achived.

Using our proprietary deposition technology, our ND filters are coated on a 100 µm thin film.Our film ND filters have low reflectance, which reduces flare and returned light.Therefore, there is no need to consider the effect on optical density when using them.In addition, since resin substrates are used, there are few restrictions on the processing shape, and any shape other than circular or rectangular can be processed.

ND filter is used for video cameras, surveillance cameras and various analyzers.

Transmittance Characteristics

Reflectance Characteristics


Shape Processing

*Optical densities and wavelength ranges other than those listed above can also be manufactured. Transmittance can also be specified.
*Please contact us for specifications other than spectral characteristics.