The optical polymer filters made by Koshin are so thin that they can be used in almost every place with limited space for optical filters.

A thickness of the filter ranges only from 15 um to 33 um depending on the optical specification, and with such a small thickness, the filter can be inserted into a trench which is opened on an optical fiber cable, a Planar Lightwave Circuit(PLC) or a ferrule.


We released new product that transmits optical signals for XG-PON/XGS-PON and NG-PON2, and reflect network surveillance signal of OTDR.

The product will be applied to splitter module in FTTx optical line surveillance systerm or reflector set in front of Optical Network Terminal (ONT). The product can be customized conforming with customer’s requirement including angle of incidence and numerical aparture.

In order to apply this product to various optical modules for 5G mobile back haul or image transmission system, sample evaluation by customers has started. This polymer filter can be customized for various application in which angle of incidence (AOI) or numerical aperture (NA) is different from the product shown below.

Many types of the optical characteristics other than the above have been achieved and put to the practical use.  The optical characteristics shown below are some of examples. Please make an inquiry to us about this product with your request on the specifications of the filter and the information about the devices/equipments to which you are planning to apply the polymer filter.








For looking over the applications and the variation of the optical characteristics, please see the following material:



Please contact us to discuss your requirements for optical properties or for examples of polyimide filter applications.