Wavelength Tunable Diode Lasers

KLS-201A Series

Standard model covering up to 1220nm band besides O-band to U-band (wavelength installation resolution: 0.1nm)

KLS-201A Series Catalog


MODEL 1064 1100 1220 O ES SC CL U
Wavelength range 1000-1100 1050-1150 1180-1270 1260-1370 1400-1530 1460-1570 1525-1630 1620-1680
Optical output power ≥ +3.0dBm ≥ 0dBm
Wavelength set resolution 0.1nm
Wavelegth accuracy ≤ ±0.5nm ≤ ±0.2nm
Spectrum linewidth(Typical) ≤ 500kHz ≤100kHz ≤ 50kHz
RIN(Typical) ≤ -145dB/Hz(at 0dBm)
Optical output flatness ≤ ±0.5 dB ≤ ±0.2 dB (APS:ON)
Optical output stability ≤ ±0.05dB(60 minutes) ≤ ±0.03dB(60 minutes)
Wavelength precision ≤ ±1.0pm(60 minutes) ≤ ±0.8pm(60 minutes)
Optical output variation Available(Max. output power~ -30dB:Setting resolution 0.01dB)
Internal low frequency modulation Available(Coherence control function)
CHOP Available 270Hz
Beam shutter Available
Output optical fiber Polarization Maintaining Fiber
Polarization Linear polarization, aligned to the direction of connector key, Exinction ratio≧20dB(Typical)
External control I/F GP-IB
Dimensions 340W×450D×145H
Operation environment Operation temperature:10~35 ℃
Accuracy guaranteed temperature:15~30℃
Relative humidity:85% or less(with no condensation)
Storage condition -10~+50 ℃
Relative humidity:85% of less(with no condensation)

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■ By using laser beam with high purity and low noise

Spectral characteristics of optical components or other applied products can be measured with high dynamic range.

■ Taking advantage of low noise

Since the RIN characteristic is very good and does not affect the characteristics of the object under test, it is ideal as a light source for measuring the noise figure (NF) of optical fiber amplifiers (EDFA, etc.).

■Taking advantages of narrow spectrum linewidth and high short-term frequency stability

The spectrum linewidth is very narrow, less than 50 kHz, and the frequency is stable, which makes it ideal for measurement using optical beats.


■High dynamic range measurement that cannot be achieved with a spectrum analyzer

  • The GP-IB interface makes it easy to perform measurements in conjunction with a PC or a power meter.
  • It can measure optical modules, etc. with a high dynamic range that cannot be achieved with a spectrum analyzer.

■Evaluation of polarization-dependent optical communication transmission experiments
Evaluation of polarization-dependent optical communication transmission experiments.
The polarization extinction ratio of 20dB or higher and high polarization stability can be used for evaluation of optical communication transmission experiments.

■ As a light source for optical fiber sensing

The excellent optical characteristics of low noise, narrow linewidth, and high stability make it ideal as a light source for optical fiber sensing.