Semiconductor Laser Light Sources
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Our Semiconductor Laser Light Sources features narrow band, low RIN, low noise and high color singuraliry.
Various models are available according to the applications.

High-resolution type Wavelength Tunable Diode Laser
KLS-601A Series

  • Wavelength resolution 0.0001nm(=0.1pm)
  • Wavelength tunable range ≧100 nm
  • Optical output variable attenuation
  • Modulation(Internal/External)

Standard type Wavelength Tunable Diode Laser
KLS-201A Series

  • Wavelength tunable range ≧100nm
  • Wavelength resolution    0.1nm
  • Optical output power variable attenuation
  • CHOP function(270Hz)

Fixed-Wavelength Semiconductor Laser


Emission wavelength can be selected from the following wavlength range:

  • Narron spectrum linewidth:≦50kHz
  • Relative Intensity Noise(RIN): ≤-150dB/Hz
  • Integration of the power supply and the driver in the housing is available.
  • Integration of multiple channels ⇒ Custamization available as inspection equipment

Emission wavelength can be retuned after purchasing.
Two types of model: FLS, the driver included type and FLM, only the optical systems are contained, are available.

An introduction of Semiconductor Laser Series

We are pleased to introduce our products to the customers who need the optical technologies including laser light sources (semiconductor lasers) or tunable optical filters in a variety of fields.  Semiconductor Laser  Series are the wavlength tunable lasers our tunable optical fillters are applied to. According to the requirements such as the change of wavelength tunable range or the maximum output power, or the deletion of unnecessary function, we respond to the customization. Semiconductor lasers are also referred to diode lasers, laser diode or LD.