Long pass filter blocks wavelength range shorter than any designated wavelengh and pass wavelength range longer than the designated wavelength.

By designating pass (or transmission) band width and the wavelength to be blocked (or rejected),  various spectral characteristics can be obtained. Due to our inovative coating technology, steep incline never attained before can be achieved.

The technology accoplished the other kind of long pass filters, such as Non-polarized long pass filter and Low angle-dependent long pass filter.

Long pass filters are applied to a variety of field including laser microscope for excitation/flurorescence analysis, medical and industrial analyzing equipment, optical measuring instrument, optical sensors, laser sensing and optical communication.

Center wavelength, pass band and blocking band is arbitrarily selectable in accordance with your requirement. Any spectral characteristics other than below graphs are available. Please inquire.








45deg. Non-polarized Long Pass Filter