Koshin Kogaku Co., Ltd. has offered the products whidh is satisfactory for customers since its foundation in 1970 under the slogan “Our products is the crystallization of the technologies we have developed”.

We manufacture and sell not only optical filters used in digital home appliances and high-isolation filters required in the medical and biotechnology fields, but also highly reliable wavelength separation filters for optical communications, and Tunable Filters and Tunable Lasers used for measurement and evaluation purposes.

We have the integrated system of production from the design to the mass production: a design of the dielectric multi-layered thin films, a test production, an evaluation and a mass production. We have the peripheral processing technologies along with the coating technology, so we can provide the optimal products which satisfies the customers’ demands.

Please let me know your requeat forthe spesifications and the quantity. We will show you the best solution which satisfies you. You can also view examples and features of each product from the menu on the left.