Multiple pass bands and multiple rejection bands exist in single piece of optical filter.

Wide range of wavelength from visible light to near infrared light are available.

Number of pass band, center wavelengths, transmittance and bandwidth are selectable.

Please consult with us about your requirement for optical characteristics.

Triple Band Pass Filter for Fluorescense Analysis

Function of both excitation filter and dichroic mirror is realized by one piece of filter. This filter is applicable to the system for observation of color fluerescent image by using multiple excitation laser.

Triple Band Pass Filter for Optical Communication

This filter transmits selectively only the necessary communication channel. This filter needs no additional optical filter or optical filter module to reject unnecessary wavelength range, and thus contributes to make the equipment small.

Triple Band Pass Filter for Imaging Equipment

This filter transmits three visible wavelength in order to make clear visible image. Center wavelength and pass bandwidth can be set arbitrarily according to the requirement.

We can offer the triple band pass filter with FWHM of less than 15 nm.

Dual Band Pass Filter (IRC Filter + Narrow BPF) for Human Sensing

This filter is used for human sensor that observes humans’ behavior by using near infrared (NIR) laser. Cut-off wavelength and pass bandwidth of the IRC filter, and center wavelength and pass bandwidth of the band pass filter are customizable in accordance with customer’s request.