TFM/FC contains an optical filter mounted on a cassette. By exchanging the cassette, TFM can change its spectral characteristics including the tunable wavelenth range. The center wavelength can be tuned until 20nm as the optical filter inside is turned by rotation of the equiped micrometer. The micrometer enable the fine wavelength tuning.


Standard TFM Model Wavelength(nm) Fiber IL(dB) Dimensions
TFM-1550-S-FS 1510-1590 SMF ≦0.7


Connector FC/SPC

TFM-980-S-FS 950-1010 SMF ≦1.5
TFM-1050-S-FS 1010-1090 SMF ≦1.5
TFM-980-MGI50-FS 950-1010 GI50/125 ≦0.7
TFM-1050-MGI50-FS 1010-1090 GI50/125 ≦0.7
FC Model Wavelength(nm) Cavity FWHM IL(dB)
FC-1560B-1-1 1540-1560 1 1±0.2nm ≦1.0
FC-1560B-1-3 1540-1560 1 3±0.3nm ≦0.5
FC-1560B-2-5 1540-1560 2 5±0.5nm ≦0.5
FC-980B-1-1 960-980 1 1±0.3nm ≦1.5
FC-1074B-1-1 1054-1074 1 1±0.3nm ≦1.5
Custom If there are any questions about the following specifications, please inquire.
Filter LPF, SPF, Etalon are available

Please designate the center wavelength form Optical Communications Wavelength: 1260~1650nm.
Other wavelength ranges are also available.
Please inquire.

Fiber SMF(STD),  MMF,  PMF,  DSF,  etc. are available.
Connector/Polish FC/SPC(STD),  SC,  APC are available.

※Contents are subject to change without any notice.
※Main unit(TFM) and filter cassette(FC) are available individually.



Outer View

Product Features  

Arbitrary spectrum characteristices by turning the cassette inside on which optical filter is mounted. After the cassette is installed, TFM functions as a tunable filter immidiately without any adjustment. Because the filter cassette is exchangeable, this product is very convenient for the cases as below.

  • In case that the wavelength range needs to be changed
  • In case that the experiment or the evaluation by using various FWHM are necessary



■ For Development of Optical Communications Syetems

Just connecting through optical connectors, TFM operates as an optical filter.  By exchanging the filter cassette, an arbitrary characteristics is achieved.

■ For Wavelength Selection in the WDM Systems

TFM can extract only one wavelength from WDM by using band pass filter. The extracted wavelength is arbitrarily selectable by turning the filter cassette on which an optical filter is mounted.



■ For simple narrow-band wavelength tunable light source

A simple narrow-band wavelength tunable light source can be constructed by combining TFM with LED light source or ASE light source. The tunability is acieved by turning the filter cassette.

Acievements of Customization

■ Other than standard wavelengths

360nm, 500nm, 850nm, 980nm, 1064nm