Infrared cut filter, also called IR cut filter, is designed to reflect or block infrared light while passing visible light. It is applied in wide range of fields that use camera module: surveillance system, vehicle cameras, camcorder, smartphone, etc. It is also used in device that uses incandescent light bulb and combustion equipment that has monioring window to prevent unwanted heating.
IR cut filter has a variety of transmittance spectrum in accordance with purpose of use. We have been manufacturing various types of IR cut filters for a few decades.

wide-range cut IR CUT FILTER

“wide- range cut IR CUT FILTER” that block the near-infrared in broadband and can be manufactured with a substrate thickness of 1mm or less.

Low angle-dependent IR CUT FILTER

“Low angle-dependent IR CUT FILTER” cut filter that suppresses angle dependence.




“IRC650” (Standard type) that rejects wavelength range of 700nm to 1050nm..




“IRC-65S”(standard type IR cut filters) that cut near-infrared light near 700 -800 nm.


“IRC-78S” that block near-infrared light near 800-950 nm.


“IRC-65L” uses heat absorbing glass to cut near-infrared light in broadband.


“IRC-65W” uses only the coating properties to cut near-infrared light over broadband without use of heat absorbing glass


“IRC-69W” is a combination of a coating and heat absorbing glass that cut near-infrared light in broadband as the same as IRC-65W.