Wavelength Tunable ADD/DROP Multiplexer/Demultiplexer

TMUX is a wavelength tunable ADD/DROP multiplexer/Demultiplexer that changes the wavlength of transmitting light and reflecting light simultaneously. By turning  optical filter assebled inside, TMUX can tune the wavelength by 10nm at the maximum. Thanks to the micrometer used for wavelength tuning mechanism, fine and precise tuning is achieved.


Outer View

TMUX Outer View


Optical Filter BPF(STD) FWHM Cavity IL The left is the specifications for SMF.
Please inquire about the other optical fibers.
1±0.2nm 1 ≤ 2.2dB
5±0.5nm 2 ≤ 1.5dB
Others LPF, SPF, etc. are available.
Center Wavelength Please specify the center wavelength from the Optical Communications Wavelength:  1230~1680nm
The other wavelength ranges are available too by customization.
Please inquire.
Wavelength Tunable Width 10nm
Fiber SMF28(STD),  MMF, PMF, DSF, etc. are available.
Connector/Polish FC/SPC(STD),  SC, APC, etc. are available.
Dimensions W51×D50×H27.5mm (except for the protrusions)

※Contents are subject to change without notice.

Product Features

■ Tune the transmitting and the reflection wavelengths simultaniously by revolving the optical filter.

Example of the optical characteristics


■ Fine wavelength tuning mechanism by micrometer

Micrometer is adopted to tune the wavelength, or to turm the filter cassette.
This mechanism makes fine and precise tuning available.

Example of use

■ For development and trial fabrication of optical communications systems

Just connecting through optical connectors, this product functions as an optical filter right away.
Due to wavlength tuning mechanism, arbitrary wavelength is available.

■ ADD/DROP Module

By using BPF, single wavelength can be extracted from WDM.
Turning the filter cassette, or an optical filter, the wavelength can be arbitrarily selected.

Acievement of customization

■ Various wavelength bands other than standard wavelength

360nm, 500nm, 850nm, 980nm, 1064nm

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