FBPF is composed of fiber-optic collimators with our optical thin film filters inserted in between.
Center wavelength is tunable by turn the optical filter by using minus screw driver. 


■Outer View


Filter Type BPF(STD) FWHM Cavity IL The left specifications are valid in case of SMF.
Please inquire about the other cases.
1±0.2nm 1 ≤ 1.0dB
3±0.3nm 1 ≤ 1.0dB
5±0.5nm 2 ≤ 1.0dB
Others LPF, SPF, Etalon, etc. available
Center wavelength Optical communication wavelength Please select from 1230~1680nm
Other wavelength range is available as custom products.
Please contact us.
Wavelength tunable width 5nm
Optical fiber SMF(STD)     MMF, PMF, DSF are available.
Connector/Polish FC/SPC(STD)     SC, APC, etc. are available.

Product Features

■ For trial fabrication and development of optical communication systems

Just connecting to the other optical components, it performs filtering function.

■ Wavelength selection of WDM systems
ILF with BPF spectrum characteristics easily extracts single wavelength from WDM system.

■Noise cutting (Supplession of unnecessary light)
This device have only necessary light pass and cut noises, by using BPF.

Achievements of Customization

■ Wavelengths besides standard wavelength

360nm, 500nm, 850nm, 980nm, 1064nm