Confortable Air Sterilizer works by destroying microbial DNA and RNA.

The capture by air filter and UVC-LED sterilization provide high sterilization capability even in a small size.

It can be installed vertically or horizontally, so it can be placed in any layout.

We are available for OEM of module products using UVC-LEDs, as well as for prototype and mass-produced products involved in R&D

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  KCS-P045-03 KCS-P045-05
UV Wavelength 265 nm
Irradiate Power ≧100 mW ≧200 mW

Air Capacity

(Onboard blower capacity : 0.96 m3/min.)

<Effective air volume> High : 0.52 m3/min. Low : 0.33 m3/min.
Operating Temprature Range -15℃~+40℃
Storage Temprature Range -20℃~+70℃
Power Source DC+12V,2A (AC Adapters)
Product Dimensions W260×D200×H84 (Protrusions not included)


Airborne Bacteria Test (Influenzavirus)


Time(min) 0 10 20
Decline rate(%) 100 67.58 20.76 7.96

 Details of examination:Influenza virus (swine influenza virus H1N1 IOWA strain) was sprayed in a 1 m3 chamber. The percentage of viruses reduced at each elapsed time after the sterilization equipment was put into operation was checked.