The Low Angle-dependence Bandpass Filter made by Koshin can be achieved to our inovative coating technology.

It’s inevitable that the transmittance or reflectance spectrum of maulti-layered thin film filters moves to the lower wavelength side when the incident angle increases. In case of the bandpass filter that formed by using ordinary dielectric thin film materials, The movement, or the center wavelength shift, reaches 20~35nm when the incident angle changes from 0 degrees to 30 degrees.

On the other hand, Low Angle-dependence Bandpass Filter that composes of maulti-layered thin films made by using the coating technology developed uniquely by us makes the center wavelength shift decrease to about a half or less of the usual bandpass filters. This superior characteristics is expected to enhance the sensitivity or the precision of the three-dimensional sensing devices.

We have been continued to develop the bandpass filters in order to improve the spectrum shape and reduce the wavelength shift.