Interference Filters are optical filters used in blood analysis and observation of immune reactions.Only fluorescence is extracted from the light, which is a mixture of the excitation light that causes the reaction and the fluorescence generated as a result of the reaction.

If you specify the center wavelength, FWHM, and blocking range, we can manufacture custom filters to meet your requirements, such as narrow bandpass filters with a FWHM of 1.0 nm and filters with a maximum transmittance of 90% or higher.

Normally, it can only block a certain range of wavelengths. However, when combined with a blocking filter using a metallic film, a colored glass filter, or a cut filter, it is possible to block the entire wavelength range.

They are used in fluorescence testing devices, blood analyzers, immunoassay devices, and life science analyzers.

Interference Filter

dielectrical BPF+ metallic BR type

This filter is a combination of a bandpass filter of dielectric film and a blocking filter of metal film.
It is capable of blocking light in the entire wavelength range except for the specified transmission band, and has low transmittance but excellent signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

  • Diameter : φ12+0/-0.1×5.0±0.1t(with ring)
  • Clear aperture : ≧φ8
  • Angle of Incidence : 0°


center wavelength(nm) center wavelength tolerance FWHM Max transmittance Blocking
340 ±2.0nm 10±2nm ≧35% ≦0.01%
405 ±2.0nm 10±2nm ≧35% ≦0.01%
415 ±2.0nm 10±2nm ≧35% ≦0.01%
450 ±2.0nm 10±2nm ≧35% ≦0.01%
490 ±2.0nm 10±2nm ≧35% ≦0.01%
540 ±2.0nm 10±2nm ≧35% ≦0.01%
570 ±2.0nm 10±2nm ≧35% ≦0.01%
600 ±2.0nm 10±2nm ≧35% ≦0.01%
630 ±2.0nm 10±2nm ≧35% ≦0.01%
650 ±2.0nm 10±2nm ≧35% ≦0.01%
700 ±3.0nm 10±2nm ≧35% ≦0.01%
750 ±3.0nm 10±2nm ≧35% ≦0.01%


*Avoid prolonged use in places with high temperature and humidity, or in places where the temperature is below 50°C.
*The characteristics shift to the short wavelength side depending on the angle of incident light.
*We can design and manufacture to your specifications.