Visible Light Wavelength Tunable Filter with Exchangeable Filter (VTFM/FC)

TFM/FC contains an optical filter mounted on a cassette. By exchanging the cassette, TFM can change its spectral characteristics including the tunable wavelenth range. This type TFM can tuning visible ligth wavelength.

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Wavelength range 480-850 nm (CWL ±40 nm)
Tuning range 10 nm
Filter type BPF, LPF, SPF, etc. are available.
FWHM > 1 nm
IL(dB) of TFM ≦ 2.5dB
IL(dB) of FC ≦ 1.5dB
Optical Output 1 W (higt power type)
Fiber PM460/ PM630,  etc. are available.
Connector/Polish FC/SPC(STD)
Size W60×D46.5×H40 mm

※Contents are subject to change without any notice.
※Main unit(TFM) and filter cassette(FC) are available individually.



  1. Combining TFM with light source. 
  2. Selection filter takes out some of the required wavelength.
  3.  FC can tuning the wavelength by 10 nm.