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Customized Filters for Spectral Analysis II

Steep-Edge Long Pass Filters Steep-edge Long Pass Filters provide very steep cut-on slope, deep rejection and high transmission at the same time. These filters are made by using dielectric thin films only without employing any absorbing filter glasses. Custom cut-on wavelengths and custom sizes are available on request. Sharp transition is useful for separation of exitation light and emission in various spectral analysis including fluorescence analysis.   LPF600 (%T) LPF600 (OD)   Non-Polarized LPF525 45deg.(%T)

Customized Filters for Spectral Analysis I

Notch filters Notch filters, or band stop filters, reflect and remove the specific narrow wavelength band only and pass the other wavelength range. Our notch filters have not only narrow rejection band and wide pass band, but also small polarization dependence at incident angle of 45 degrees. We will design the filters in accordance with your demands and will propose the best solution for the center wavelength and bandwidth of rejection band, pass bandwidth, and so on.        

Customized Filters for LiDAR

Low incident angle dependence band pass fitlers The transmission spectrum of band pass filters composed of multi-layered dielectric thin films subject to change depending on the incident angle of light. Usually, pass band slides to the shorter wavelength side by 20nm to 35nm when the incident angle changes from 0 degrees to 30 degrees. Low incident angle dependence band pass filters reduce this wavelength shift to less than a half and minimize the variation of the optical characteristics of the optical filter.       You can specify the center wavelengths of the low incident angle dependence band pass filters according to the laser wavelength applied to your system. Multi-band […]

Customized Filters

We are constantly striving to improve our optical thin-film coating technologies and the adaptability to a variety of requests for custom products. Recent achievements cover a wide range of applications including LiDAR(light detection and ranging) laser sensing system, Raman spectroscopy and multi-spectral cameras. Our technical team will work with you to design the optical filter so the specifications meet the demands of your product and make the price reasonable. We welcome any challenging requirements for custom optical filters such as non-standard spectral shapes, extremely large blocking, polarization independence, low incident angle dependence, and so on. LiDAR – Low angle-dependence band pass filters Spectral analsis I – Notch filters Spectral analysis […]

Thin Film Filters for Module Applicaion

Narrow Band Pass Filter      Abundant experiences of customized optical filters for the optical communication and fiber-optic sensing have expanded the variation of the bandpass filters: ・1 cavity type – 5 cavity type are selectable. ・Narrow band width ― FWHM < 1nm ― is available      1 Cavity BPF   BWO11-1.44     3 Cavity BPF   BWP34-1.56  Wider Band Pass Filter      Koshin’s remarkable design technology enable the bandpass filters to move over 10nm maintaining the wider FWHM.   ・Small variation of FWHM. ・Very few ripple generation.      2 Cavity BPF   BWO20-1.55     5 Cavity BPF   BWJ55-1.31  Wide Tuning Range Filter      Very wide tuning range realizes the custom bandpass filter that can change both the center wavelength and the FWHM.  […]