Customized Filters

We are constantly striving to improve our optical thin-film coating technologies and the adaptability to a variety of requests for custom products. Recent achievements cover a wide range of applications including LiDAR(light detection and ranging) laser sensing system, Raman spectroscopy and multi-spectral cameras.

Our technical team will work with you to design the optical filter so the specifications meet the demands of your product and make the price reasonable. We welcome any challenging requirements for custom optical filters such as non-standard spectral shapes, extremely large blocking, polarization independence, low incident angle dependence, and so on.

LiDAR – Low angle-dependence band pass filters

Spectral analsis I – Notch filters

Spectral analysis II – Steep-Edge Long Pass Filters

Spectral control – Polarization-independent filters

Hyper spectral camera – Red-Edge band pass filters