Thin Film Filters for Module Applicaion

Narrow Band Pass Filter

     Abundant experiences of customized optical filters for the optical communication and fiber-optic sensing have expanded the variation of the bandpass filters:
 ・1 cavity type – 5 cavity type are selectable.
 ・Narrow band width ― FWHM < 1nm ― is available

     1 Cavity BPF   BWO11-1.44
     3 Cavity BPF   BWP34-1.56

Wider Band Pass Filter

     Koshin’s remarkable design technology enable the bandpass filters to move over 10nm maintaining the wider FWHM.  
 ・Small variation of FWHM.
 ・Very few ripple generation.

     2 Cavity BPF   BWO20-1.55
     5 Cavity BPF   BWJ55-1.31

Wide Tuning Range Filter

     Very wide tuning range realizes the custom bandpass filter that can change both the center wavelength and the FWHM.  (when used in the WTFM)

     Customized SPF   SPF-1500
     Customized BPF   BPF-1500